Ways on Sustaining the Forest

The sustainable forestry projects are aimed at ensuring that there is an increase in forest coverage in the nation. It is crucial for a government and individual to have a proper understanding of the benefits of forests for human existence. The forests are needed in providing basic needs to the people who are food and water thus important to develop plans to conserve the forests. The environment is supposed to be conducive for human activities for the accomplishment of the desired personal goals. A sustainable forest is aimed at ensuring that the generations to come will enjoy the natural resource.




The reforestation is a practice that is aimed at dealing with the issue of deforestation or cutting of trees in the forest. Reforestation requires an individual to plant and maintain the tree once it is cut. The practice is aimed at providing a sequence of events where there are similar or more trees planted compared to the ones cut. In case of fire, an individual or the community is required to develop a plan that will ensure the trees are replanted. The policy of every tree cut must be replanted aimed at preserving the forests for a long time.


Tree planting


The planting of new trees is needed in achieving the desired plant cover in the nation. The illegal cutting of trees has contributed to a reduced forest cover globally. In increasing the number of trees, people are required to develop initiatives that will focus on planting more trees than the one cut. Initially, people who have been cutting trees were not replanting which has reduced the conservation of the forest. The planting of trees is supposed to be a continuous practice that will aim at covering the forests in the area.


Monitoring agriculture


The agricultural practices should aim at ensuring that there is conservation of the forest cover on the area. Forest health is maintained through proper agricultural activities that will positively contribute to the growth of trees. Agroforestry aims at integrating the conservation of forests with agriculture for increased conservation of the surroundings. The monitoring of agriculture and agroforestry provides a stable forest cover that will contribute to social progress. People should reduce cases of cutting trees to create space for agriculture as it reduces the forest cover in the region. The protection of forest by farmers will contribute to increased trees in the area. Farmers are required to plant in the forest without cutting trees as the trees contribute to an increased level of rainfall. Understanding the different medicinal values of plants can help provide understanding to our environment. When you know the medicinal value of coffee for example, you learn to appreciate it better. 


Training community on tree preservation


It is crucial for government and nongovernmental organization to develop a training initiative that will make forest conservation known to the community. People are required to be provided with information on using green energy to reduce the destruction of the ozone layer which negatively impacts the growth of trees. The green energy can be wind or solar energy which aims at reducing the carbon dioxide emission rate in the region. The reduction of carbon dioxide emission and planting of trees by the community will help to conserve the forest.